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Sovereign Sun

Reflection on Writing Skills

Posted OnNovember 28, 2017 16:21


I believe that my high school English classes helped me more with the thematic quality and organization of my writing rather than anything else. Writing papers that focused on a specific argument allowed me to practice organizing my thoughts on paper and make an evidence-based essay with a concise point. My favorite English class was during my senior year, when I took AP Literature. My teacher enjoyed having discussions about deep analysis of a work, making us search for hidden symbolism, intentions, and literary devices. Writing non-superficial papers that needed imagination and were academic was incredibly fun.

I think my high school classes did not do much to help elevate the vocabulary I use in m writing. I would have enjoyed have writing workshop-like classes that help us improve how advanced the style of our writing is. Only one teacher insisted that we expand our vocabulary constantly and would assign words for us to memorize every week.

This class has helped expose me to multimodal writing and encouraged me to think about non-traditional organization/styles of writing.