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Primary Source Analysis Proposal

Posted OnNovember 2, 2017 14:55

CategoriesClass Prep

In my Primary Source Analysis, I will explore certain traits of different cultures and discuss the effect they had on the response to the AIDS crisis. Specifically I will investigate the cultures of Greece, Uganda, and Brazil in order to determine how their values and beliefs affected the stigmas, the policies, and the perception of AIDS and HIV in these countries. For each nation, I will initially make an argument using sources to prove the existence of a certain cultural trend, and then I will analyze the effect this had on the country’s response to AIDS (also using proof). My planned outline for the Analysis is:

  • Description of the panel, mentioning the Greek writing and the story filled with Ancient Greek cultural references. Discussion of the symbolism of the story, which is clearly referencing the death of Patrick Gregory.
  • Transition into the main topic by analyzing how the reaction of the people close to Patrick Gregory represent some cultural values of Greece (such as the significance of family unity, the emphasis of remembering roots/origins, and collective grieving ceremonies, the acceptance of homosexuals due to liberal/socialist attitudes).
  • Discuss the affect of Sub-Saharan African culture (focused on that of Uganda) on their response to AIDS. Include the emphasis of religious values (prompting the creation of the ABC program in Uganda and its spread throughout Africa), the stigma associated with AIDS (causing few people to be open about their condition and seek help), the patriarchal culture (which caused ineffective HIV prevention policies by being unfair to women), and the superstitious beliefs (causing many people to turn to witch doctors, vitamins, and faith healers).
  • Discuss the affect of the Brazilian culture on their response to AIDS. Include the open sexual culture of Brazil (causing antiretroviral distribution programs to be set up very soon), the progressive drug use polices of Brazil (causing the implementation of the Needle Exchange Program, which lowered the prevalence of HIV among users), the lack of homophobia in government (causing national prevention campaigns targeted at the high risk group of gay men).
  • Conclusion which summarizes the effects that different cultural values had on the reactions and responses to AIDS. Mention the original panel and how it would differ from panels made from different cultures. Suggest that the culture of each culture should be taken into consideration when forming policies, rather than having a universal approach (much like the first source of my¬†Annotated Bibliography #1 suggests).

To make my Analysis multimodal, I will include: the graphs and maps of certain statistical sources I will cite, images of events related to AIDS/HIV policy and responses, audio/video interviews of people discussing the stigma surrounding AIDS and their experiences with it, and audio/video recordings of government representatives announcing or discussing proposed policies related to AIDS/HIV.