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Sovereign Sun

Primary Source Description #2

Posted OnOctober 10, 2017 01:28


The AIDS Quilt panel I have selected for my second Primary Source Description is dedicated to Patrick Gregory. It is the second from the left panel in the bottom part of block 1854. It is is oriented vertically (portrait orientation), and measures 3 feet wide and 6 feet tall (about 91 cm by 183 cm). The panel mainly consists of a central component that is surrounded by a border. The border is about an inch thick (2.5 centimeters) on the left, right, and top side of the component, and about 3.5 inches thick (9 centimeters) on the bottom side. The component itself is split into two sections, the upper one being about 55.5 inches tall (141 centimeters) and the bottom one being about 1 foot tall (30 centimeters). The border and the two sections of the central component are all sewn together using a thin black string. The color pallet of the panel is dominated by hues of blue, purple, and pink.