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Primary Source Analysis Questions

Posted OnOctober 24, 2017 06:07


  1. The project overview mentions that the analysis is centered around my “primary source”. Does this mean I have to focus on one of the sources I have selected in my Annotated Bibliography? Or do I use an AIDS Quilt panel as the source? Am I allowed to have a collection of primary sources as my topic?
  2. Does this mean my Analysis is actually centered around discussing the primary source, along with mentioning an overarching theme (ex: homosexual discrimination in the military during the AIDS crisis)? I had envisioned that my project would be investigating a central idea, which would be developed by analyzing many primary sources extensively. Do I instead have to discuss how a primary source symbolizes or demonstrates the main idea?
  3. Are we allowed to title our Analysis with a creative name (like in the third example project provided in the project overview)?
  4. If we decide to share our essay, how would the NAMES Foundation use it?

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